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Compacttilt™ is a high-quality tilt - designed for excavators in the weight class 0-10 tonnes. All Compacttilt products have a unique low weight, a compact design, and a tilt degree of 2x50°. One of the unique advantages of the Compacttilt is…

its patented motor that makes it possible to produce cylinder-free tilts. This makes the Compacttilt ideal for working in narrow trenches.

Compacttilt™ is narrow in size and low in weight, which makes the product easy to handle and maneuver, even in tight working conditions. It gives the machine operator greater control and precision when carrying out digging, earthmoving, grading, and demolition tasks. With the ability to tilt up to 50 degrees in either direction, the Compacttilt can easily access hard-to-reach areas, allowing for more efficient and precise work.

By eliminating the need for cylinders, Compacttilt can reduce the risk of accidental damage to the tilt and the surrounding environment. Overall, the Compacttilt is an extremely versatile and effective tool that can greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of the machine operator's tasks.


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